Alligators in Florida

These photos were taken at the The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek in Kissimmee Florida. I took the two hour paddle which was very nice, it was enough time that I didn't feel I had to rush at all and spent a lot of the time in the more swampy area. That is where I found these alligators. I first notice that call from the babies which I thought might have been a bird but quickly realized that it was these little baby alligators. So I paddled over to them and try to pay attention to make sure that I wasn't getting to close to them, I didn't want to stress them or scare them away from what they were doing. The whole time I was there they didn't seem to be worried at all as you will see in the first photo one of the alligators has its eyes closed which is a good sign that the animal is not stressed. The only thing I didn't noticed was mom and I did get a little close to her then I was comfortable with but she didn't seem to care too much about me being there. Because all the animal seemed calm I was able to spend a lot of time taking photos of them. Here are a few of the finished photos.

So if you are in Kissimmee it's wroth checking out as photographer and would be a great time even if you are just looking to go for a paddle on the river, it come highly recommended. You can check them out here if you go tell them I sent you :)

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