Bald Eagle

Over the last few days I have found a place where a group of bald eagles are hanging out in the evening so I have been going there and checking them out. Not sure how long they will be in this area but I hope go back soon and see if I can find them again. here are a few of the photos that I have taken by going back to this location a few times. Lucky they aren't to far so I can gab the camera and go for a little bike ride to see them.

I have keep these photos in the order I took them but I did want to talk a little bit more about these two photos (below). These two photos where taken of the same bald eagle in almost the same location. The thing that change the most is that I moved a few steps to the right to get some branches in the foreground. I wasn't sure how this would work out as the foreground branches are much close to me than the subject.

But I personally think that this take the photos from an ok photo and a portfolio worthy photo. It gives the photo a lot more depth and almost give the photo a 3D feel. It something that you have to be careful with if the foreground subject is to close (which these branches almost were) and/or the subject is to small like a think branch then it will like there is something wrong with the photo. Below is what it can look like if your not careful.

Anyways something to try with your wildlife photos and can work vary nicely with portraits and something I look forward to trying soon as well.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. See you next week, blog coming out Wednesday, and don't for get to share with your friends and family, links are at the bottom.

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