Bobcat up a tree!!

This is one of my favorite photos that I have taken of wildlife. This was the prefect end to a get day, Max and I had started hiking down another trail and took some picture along the way, but when we got back to the car I decided that I wanted to do some more hiking so we found another trail to go down. We started down this trail and were coming by this small group of trees Max went in to the bush and the next thing I see is something going up the tree. My first thought was oh great there a small bear or something my next thought was get the camera out!!! Getting the camera out and getting clearer view I see what I thing that I think is either a bobcat or lynx. It was great to getting some really cool pictures of this guy. I wish there wasn't so much light behind the bobcat but still a great time and I think a great picture. My next post with be the video of the hike :).

The Technical

This was taken with the Canon t6s and the Tamron 70-300mm

shutter speed 1/320

aperture f5.6

ISO 200


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