Camping with a DSLR and Hiking in Blue Lake Provincial Park

Planning a trip with a bigger camera in my case a canon T6S and a 18-135mm lens mean you have to think a little bit more about where all your gear going to go in your bag and is there any way you can cut down on some of the other weight. I wanted to make sure that my camera is going to be as safe as is can be, I knew I was going to be doing some trial hiking for about 5km and another 4km or so of bushwacking to get the campsite. Where to put the camera and first off where not to put the camera, starting at the bottom I felt this was not a good idea as I could fall, which I did a few times. Landing on the camera with all the other weight in the bag would almost certainly damage the camera making little more than weight you still have to hike out. The next would be somewhere in the middle of the bag, but as this where I have my pots and fuel I felt that this wouldn’t be the best spot either, and the top of the internal part of the bag is where I put my food so I can access it quickly when hiking. That leaves the top lid of the bag. Now my bag did have enough room from the camera gear that I wanted to bring for this trip so that’s great, there are still two issues one is that the camera is still vulnerable to overhead branches and fallen trees there little I can do but take caution when bushwacking. The other issues is with waterproofness, the bag does help protect from rain but not enough from my comfort level so before putting the camera in my bag I put in a waterproof bag from outdoor research. The last thing to think about was getting the bag as light as I could to compensate for the added weight of the camera. The biggest thing I was able to do was bringing a solo, reduce some of the clothes and only bring the minimum amount of fuel for my stove. Even with all of this my bag was a little heavier that it normally is from a weekend trip. Having a little bit heavier bag seemed well worth the added ability get some amazing photos.

With the bag pack and the weather looking as good as I can for this time of year, I loaded up the bag and the dog (Max) into the car admittedly a little later than I would have like. Max and I made great time hiking on Blue Lake’s Goblin Lake trail. Then started bushwacking through some of the thickest bush I have seen, this slowed us down more than I thought it would but hiking to higher ground we found some places where we could hike easier. This did mean however that I didn’t get as many chances to get my camera out as I would have liked. With the bush so thick, the sky overcast and us being a bit behind I just didn’t take the time to take it out. But it was a great hike going though many different ecosystems and getting to see lots of wildlife mostly small critters like squirrels and birds. Getting to camp we found a great site and it was time to get the camera out. Have this camera means that I can take a lot of the picture that I just would be able to with another camera. On the hike back we were able to spend more time taking pictures and enjoying the landscapes. Now take your camera and enjoy the outdoors.

What's in my bag

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