Changing Plans

The plan for this photo shoot was to take some photos of the goose. I have seen it a few times on the way home so one night after work, I planned to bike down to the wetland and see if I could get some good photos of the goose.

So I hiked through part of the wetland up to the beaver dam and hid there hoping that the goose would look up to get a better photo, but the whole time she hid like this. On the plus side there was a beaver there that didn't seem to care that I was there at all which is was really cool it came up really close and I got some cool photos.

Here are the photos I got I hope you like them. Getting close like this to the beaver was very cool for me I never been this close before and I think I was able to get a couple cool photos. The last photo here was of the beaver when it seemed like it was trying to smell me so I'm not sure if it knew I was there or if it was trying to figure why I was there either way it was a lot of fun, and thats one of the best parts of photography you may not always know whats going to happen but its gets you out and there is a go chance you will have a good time.

I don't think there will be a blog next week but stay to tuned for the next blog coming out on June 20th. and don't forget to like and share it really makes a difference.

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