Family Photos from Florida

Getting great wildlife photos is a lot of fun but its still important to get some family photo as well, so here are a bunch of family photos from our trip to Florida :). For a lot of these photos I used a point a shoot camera it was easier to take with me. This was my nikon coolpix w300 and it has a GPS in it which is cool if I want to see where the photos were taken. This point and shoot camera was also much easier to take with me then my bigger camera, until I got a new camera bag which made the latter part of the trip much easy to bring my DSLR (I will talk more about the new bag soon (hopefully in the next blog)). I did use my DSLR for some of the photos as well. I still have some more family photos to edit but these are the ones I have done so far. Its nice to have so many photos from a trip but its a lot of work to edit them all.

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