Great Blue Heron Photo Editing

Here is the video of how I did the edits to this photo of the Great Blue Heron. I got this photo when we were on vacation in Florida hope you like the video and if you like the photo it is now available on my site as a signed print and digital photo.

One thing that I didn't show in this video is that I like to sit on these photos for a bit. I also like to look at them on my phone and tablet before posting the photos this gives me some more time to think about the photos. I find over time you will either like the photos more or less. If its less then you may need to re-edit the photos or sometime just let them go. In this case I did find the final photo to be a little to dark. So I went back to the raw file and re-edited the image making the whole photo just a bit brighter.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog coming out on Wednesday, and don't for get to share with your friends and family, links are at the bottom.

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