Hiking in the woods

The great thing about hiking in the woods you never know what you might find. This was taken just after Max and I had been hiking in some of the thickest bush I have ever hiked in, we then come to this opening which seems to lead you deeper in to the woods and this photo. The sun came out seemingly just long enough to get this photo and light up the trail. I love the moss on the ground covering the forest floor. This was one of those times when I almost walk passed we did in fact walk passed but think about this and what image I might be able to get I decided to put the hiking bag down pulled out the camera and then most impotently the sun came out. It's important to take the time so that you doesn't miss out on the chance to get a great photo like I almost did this time.

Fixing photos....

There was a purple fringing around the dark branches and the bright sky on the image on the left so I had to fix it, as seen on the right and below.

New posts coming out Thusdays about light and the effects it has on wildlife photos.

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