If it Hasn't Happened to you, it will...

Today was the day for me, I had been taking photos the day before about 250 photos and a few small video clips. I was setting the camera up to take another shot and hit the wrong button twice... I know but it can happen. First I was in disbelief, then I got that sinking feeling in stomach, what did I just do, what did I just loss.

I remembered a video that I had seen before and that I had already downloaded the software - Recuva

So installed the program and ran it on the SD card I had just formatted, it found the file and I got all but 3 files back. So if you take photos take a few minutes and download this software, and keep this video URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUmMkercRsg with the software so when it happens to you can find it and you can watch the video so you will know what to do.

download the software here https://www.piriform.com/recuva

Also if this does happen stop taking photos with that SD card until you can run this software.

One last note and something I though was really cool and little scary it that this software was able to recover photos from last March which was just unreal, so keep that in mind if you are giving away or sell any equipment like hard drives or laptops.

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