Kayaking in the Fog

This has to be one of my favorite photos from the trip just the mood and the isolation feeling you get from this photo. Kayaking, canoeing, hiking any kind of traveling is one of the best parts of camping but this can be channeling as a photographer. The traveling can be fun because you get to see something new around every corner, point, bay or bend in the river. But it can be hard to

take photos either because the camera's in packed away in a bag for protection or because you are trying to cover more ground or water. In this case I used a waterproof camera for this photo. Using a waterproof made it so that the camera didn't have to be packed in a bag which makes it much easier and faster to get the camera out to get a quick photo. The waterproof camera doesn't have as good as image quality as my other camera but getting the photo is always better than missing the photo. The photo above is the original out of camera. The next photo has some of the basic edits done like some dogging and burning and denoise. With these edits you can see the photo has less noise and the islands and trees are darker making them more

noticeable. These changes are small but make a difference. The last photo is one that I did some photoshopping to, to get a new look. Not everyone will like this, because this changes the photo from what really happened, but at the end of the day I would say is the final photo and would be the photo that I would sell as a print. Now which one would I put on my wall, well because I was there the 2nd photo means more to me even though its technically not as good as the 3rd photo, so if you come to my house some day you would see photo 2 on my wall.

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