Keeping up with family time and trying to find time for photography

If your like me working a full time job which is sometimes more than full time job. Then it can be hard to find time for photography. With your "free" time you have to try to find time for family time, me time, play time, time for house work, and maybe then you can find some time for you hobbies. For me I have a few hobbies for the most part they are camping and photography, I have a few other smaller ones like snowboarding. But with so little time its important to use all the time you have. I trying to spend time after Sam goes to bed to work on things like this blog, I give myself about 1.5 hours. This leaves me with a little over 2 hours to spend with Marianne and watch TV before bed. On the weekends after everyone goes to bed I will then go back to working on photography stuff and then try to get to bed around 12. This is a lot and it can be too much, so that why I stop posting for the month of December and I think I will continue to use this as a yearly break. Another thing that I do is use family time as a good time for photography projects, for the most part Marianne and Sam are willing models. For boxing day we went snowshoeing so I used this as an opportunity to get some snowshoeing photos for my agent. Here are some of those photos.

The nice thing about getting photos like these is they are photos that I might sell with the agent. I can also use the photos for things like this blog and they are still great for memories. I hope that this blog gives you some ideas about how to find some time for the things your passionate about weather is photography or something else.

I know it cold outside but get there and a take your camera you never know what you might see.

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