Keeping you and your camera happy in the cold

Getting out when its cold can be hard on you and your camera. Keeping the camera safe will make sure you have it for years to come. Your camera will be just fine in most parts of Canada. Its important to check your camera but most camera will work just fine down to -20c. The biggest issues you will have when your outside is keeping your hands warm, make sure to keep your hands as warm as you can and protecting them for the wind will be very helpful. Hand warms are also a great idea to keep your hands warm, and can be use to keep your camera warm when in your camera bag. But wear gloves when you can. You will notice that you batteries don't last as long, in some case you will only get about 1/2 there normal life so take more batteries than you think you will need. When you can try to keep your batteries warm you can do this by keeping your batteries in a pocket that's close to you body. Cameras and lenses with weather sealing will always help to protect you gear. Another thing to watch out for when you have your out in the cold is metal, like the metal on a tripod or camera it can be very cold to the touch and can even cause ice burn. If its snowing don't forget to try to keep your camera dry.

The biggest issue is what do to with your camera when you come back in from the cold. Warm air has more moisture and will condensate on your cold camera and lenses. For the most part weather sealed camera and lens will be ok, if you don't have weather sealed gear or you just want some added protection there are a few things you can do. One of the biggest things you can do is to put your camera into an airtight before you go inside, a big freezer bag will work and this will make sure that the moisture doesn't get into the your gear. You will have to leave your camera in the bag until it fully warmers up to room temperature.

It may not look great but its stop the condensation from getting into your camera. Use these trips to protect your camera and have some fun out in the cold.

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