Lens Correction

Automatic lens corrections is like most things it’s great when it works. I was getting this odd lens vignetting where the vignetting was brighter than the rest of the photo. Which is the opposite of when should be happening. At first I thought it was something to do with the lens hood. So when we went on vacation I just didn’t bring my lens hood however I still had the same problem, so I checked the photos in another editor and did see any issues. That’s when I thought it must be something to do with affinity photo (the editor I use). Then I started looking into the lens correction stuff and just tried turning the automatic lens correction off and now it’s much better. So if just a reminder sometimes the issues aren’t caused by you or the camera… sometime it’s just the software.

Here is the photo that I noticed has some issues. you can see the biggest issues on the edges of the photo.

Here is the same photo without the automatic lens corrections

So for now when I'm using my 24-70 I will have to do the editing with the automatic lens corrections off.

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