Light and wildlife photos

light when its good its great, when its not well there is nothing you can do about it well almost thing...

The light is what makes or breaks a photo, good light can take an ok photo to a great photo, and when light is used in the right way to can bring out great emotion and feeling in a photo. With wildlife photos its the same good light will help make you photos nice and sharp, the best light can be found just after sunrise and just before sunset. This is also a good time to find birds and other small animals, but sometimes you have to make the best of the light you have.

Full sized images will be at the bottom.

The first image was taken with cloudy light, this means the light is more defused which can cause the images to be softer, you can still get some nice photos but this is a better time for portraits and not a great time for wildlife or landscape. Some times you can use this light to make the photos more moody. In the case of the blue Jay it just looks soft. when you have full sun the light isn't defused at all this is a great time to get out and get some wildlife photos. The best time is still in the morning and evenings. Try to stay away from midday when the light will look harsh. When the light isn't great but there is lots of bird or other wildlife out you can still get some good photos the best way to do this is to get close as close as you can. This helps to get the most out of the light. Anyways just some thoughts on light and wildlife photos, happy shooting.

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