Lill's Place Photo Shoot

This was first "pro" photo (hopefully of many to come) working with family is a good way to get some experience and that's how I was using this opportunity. Like any photo shoot you want to have an idea of the photos you want to get before you get on location. Now this is a place I have been many times, so I knew what the lighting was like and what kind of photos I wanted to get. So I did up some drawings of the photos that I wanted to get, this gave me a good idea of what I wanted to get but like any good plan things change when you get there. I started by getting the photos that I was thinking of getting and then we moved on to get some other photos that I didn’t think about before. We got some really cool photos of the coffee machine with the steam coming out. These needed up being really cool photos and not something I would have thought of. After this it was time to get some photos of the things that just caught my eye at the time. Then there were some photos that I wanted to get but didn’t work out, I wanted to get a photo of the place with people all sitting down and eating and talk, I would have done a long exposure this would have made it so that you could not see the faces of the people there. This would have been cool but didn’t work out because of the timing and there were a few people in there that didn’t really like that I was taking photos to being with, even though they were not in any of the photos, sometime its just not worth pushing things. I can only hope that future clients are as good to work for. Here are the photos hope you enjoy them. 

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