Making The Most of Any Trip

Some trips suck, but this is about making the most out of even the worst trips. Even on trips where you have to go for a bad reason like a funeral (in my case) or any other reason that you may have to go on a trip that you would rather not go on. As photographer you can find the good moments and make something out them. On this trip because I was traveling alone I took some time and made the effort to some of the pictures that I wouldn't normally get. Most of these were the photos that I took in the airport, this is where I had some time to myself and the airport is a place where I don't see a lot of photos from. There were a few photos that I was looking for but most of these didn't come out. This was mostly because the airport wasn't as busy as I thought it might be, I wanted to get a photo of a big group of people walking past the camera, I did get a photo like this in Union Station however. I will still have to try to find this photo another time. I also got some night photos of downtown Toronto which was a lot of fun, and I took this time of meetup with some great people there. Here are the photos hope you enjoy them. Photography is a great way to be creative and can be a great tool for making the best of any situation.

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