My best Photos of 2018

Thank you for checking out this weeks blog, I find like looking over the past years photos and reflecting on them very helpful and fun. There are some photos that I think about a lot and remember everything about the photos, how they were taken, when they were taken, what I was thinking about and felling at the time, and then there are a few I don't remember taking at.

Before I get into some of my favorite photos of 2018 just an update, instagram and facebook posts will not be scheduled, I will still be making posts just not on the same scheduled so make sure you have notifications on. The blog posts will be returning to weekly posts. I will not post every week but most weeks. I will miss some weeks but I will try to let you know before hand.

So enough with that, here are the photos.

Here is my favorite landscape photo from 2018

This photos has been the background of my work computer since I took this photo (still is), I love the colours, details, the motion in the water and the sun rays. The sun rays are very unique as the sun pasted over the trunk of a tree during the exposure of the photo which gives this cool double sun rays.

This photo was taken:


1 min exposure

ISO 100

I took a lot of landscape photos over the last year but for me this was easily my favorite landscape photo. There are a lot of close seconds which you can see in the store if you haven't already.

Here is my favorite wildlife photo

This one was a harder one for me I took a lot of wildlife photos this year, some I still have to edit and this winter is a good time to do some editing. There are also some photos that I can't include in this because I have them ear mark for my 2020 calendar, which will be coming out in the fall. This is a good one and one I'm really happy I had the chance to take.

This is female painted turtle laying her eggs on the side on my driveway, this photos was taken from the second evening that she came to layer her eggs. There wasn't a lot of light so it wasn't easy to get. I love the colour and her looking just off camera. I though about removing the fly that landed on her shell, but decided to leave it as it adds another level of detail.

This photo was taken:


1/100 sec exposure

ISO 800

Here are some honorable mentions these are some of my favorite photos of people (no client photos)

Hope you enjoyed this look back at 2018 and wish you all the best in 2019. New blog coming out Friday, and don't forget to like and share it really makes a difference.


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