My First Long Exposures

Here are some of my first long exposure photos they may not be my best photos but this was my first the time out with my new 10 stop ND filter. A 10 stop ND or neutral density filter works like sunglasses on your camera in the case of a 10 stop filter it cuts the light by 10 stops. This means that you are able to keep the shutter open longer when taking a picture and gives time for more movement to be in your picture.

You can tell that all of these photos are square cropped that's because I did't think I would do anything with them but post on Instagram, oh well here they are after all.

Here is the stuff that I used to get these photos and I think this would be a good start if you are looking to give it a try.

The Filter I used was a Gobe ND1000 77mm MRC 16-Layer ND Filter

and the remote shutter release I used the JJC Timer Remote Control Shutter Release for Canon

I got both of these from amazon (last I check they were sold our of the 77mm filter but you can also check out the filters on gobe site

If you missed it you can see last week's posts which was my lastest waterfall collection, where you can see what you can do by adding just these two pieces of kit. I have been working with these to get a 10 second exposure or more, I find this give enough movement to the photos to get the effect I looking for, and if you want to have a person in the photo I find that 10 seconds is the longest you can stay still for. The photo of myself (above) is only 2 seconds, I found that the closer you are to the camera the faster the shutter speed had to be, I also find I like these long exposure selfies better when looking away from the camera. Hope you like these kind of photos as I'm sure there is more to come. So far the longest I have done was a one minute exposure, this was of the waterfall and the setting sun from the last post. I got this on road trip back to Parry Sound. I didn't have much time to set this up before the sun went behind the trees but I really like this photos. The movement in the water is my favorite part of this photo, and of course I like the sunburst. and here is that photo again.

I'm also thinking of putting a calendar together for the 2019 year would anyone be interested in one? if so leave a comment and yet me know thanks everyone hope you enjoyed this longer post.

See you next week, and don't forget to like and share it really makes a difference.

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