Neighborhood horses

Here are some photos of the neighbors horses, It had been a smokey day so I was having a hard time find something to take photos of. I noticed that the smoke was making the light soft, so I was thinking about doing some portrait when I saw the horses were close to the roads. After our walk I went back with the camera and got some photos of the horses. I don't get the chance to take photos of horses often but I do like these hope you enjoy them as well.

One issues about taking photos of any animal in a fence is some times the fence gets in the way, however if you are ok with it, you can remove the fence. Here is what the before and after look like. I used the inpainting tool within affinity photo to remove the fence.

Do you think it's ok to remove things like this from a photo and when do you think its not ok? leave a comment and let me know how you feel.

See you next week, blog coming out Wednesday, and don't forget to like and share it really makes a difference.

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