Passion Projects

I haven't been posting much for a bit, something I hope to change soon. Things have been busy in almost every aspect my life and for a change its almost all good. I have still been taking photos in some cases more than you would think. I have been working on few passion projects, here are the photos of one of those passion projects.

This passion project came from and idea of trying some new tea and taking it home with us on a trip. So I got some of the photos before we left and then got the rest of the photos on our trip. to get these photos I had to bags of tea, I had to try it before taking a bunch of photos to make sure I like it lol.

I have some more projects coming soon and one big project that we are working, I hope to tell you more about it in the next few months...

One other big project that I have been working is a wildlife calendar for 2020, I now have more than enough never before seen photos, I will still be trying to out do the photos I have but I have some good ones that I'm excited for you to see.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, new blog coming out soon, don't forget to like and share, it really makes a difference.


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