Sam's portrait

This is one of the first "portrait" that I have taken of Sam, most of the other photos are of him on the floor or the ground or with someone else holding. Now that he is getting a little older he can be left siting up long enough to get a good photo of him. With this "photo shoot" I used a Takumar 100mm f2.5 and a Takumar 55mm f1.8, with the adapters that I use with these old lens its hard to tell which is which because the data says these lens are the same. I like using the old prime lens as you can really get the focus that you like. With these kind of baby portraits its nice to have a really small depth of field so you can get the eye sharp and leave the rest of the image a little softer. One thing that I like the 55mm Takumar over the 100mm Takumar is that you can get closer to the subject and get things really dialed in, and with little movement of the camera you can get big changes in the photo. With the 55mm you can hand hold with a shower shutter speed with really helps when only using natural light which I did for this photo.

I like the focus on his eye it really helps pull you into the photo, I would have really liked to get him smiling but that leaves me something to try to get the in next photo. With the small depth of field and the way the light is hitting him the background also falls off really nicely which helps to keep you focused on him.

Things I'm looking to do next time is try using the 100mm Takumar a bit more and try to get that smile.

New post coming next Thursday

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