Solo camping on Route Lake

Day 1

The day start of with waffles and family visitors (my wife aunt and uncle) one of the best ways to start the day. After breakfast said goodbye to everyone and the dogs, then jumped in the car and drove to the Route Lake access point. Its about a 40 minute drive North East of Dryden Ontario, Canada. The day started out cool but the with light wind from the east. The east were great as I was heading to the east to find my first campsite. I had heard that there were some first nations pictographs on this lake and so I planned to spend some time to try to find these. following the North side of the lake I was able to find these two.

This was a great experience and the first time I has ever seen something like this in person, I don't know much about these yet but I will be looking into them and seeing what information I can find. Seeing these hands and symbols on this rock wall I couldn't hep but think about the people that might have put them there and what they would think about me all these years later taking picture of them some kind of technology that wasn't even thought of at this time. Its also made me think about what will be left of me more than 100 years from now... something that one should be careful of thing about when solo camping.

the rest of the day the weather was great the wind stayed at my back and helped me to get to to the location of an old portage which I was hoping to use, to get access to another lake however with an injury to my foot not yet healed and it looking like one had been here in maybe 50 year I thought it best to not go beyond here as being out solo a rolled ankle could be a back thing. This is just one section of the old portage.

So I head back to the mouth of the river to set up camp. This was not the best site but I was well protected and later that evening offer a great chance to get some great pictures.

The photo on the left is original photo and it was taken just before it clouded over and the great light was lost. I love the reflection of the clouds on the water. The photo on the right I added the stars from a photo I had taken a few weeks before, I think this helps to give the photo the effect and feel that I couldn't get without the editing.

one thing they say about solo camping is the day is great but the night is the worst and that was true for me on the first night as it would rain off and on all night, just enough to keep waking me up.

Day 2

the second day start of good but I was tired from the night before, there were little winds so they didn't play much of issue which was a good thing. on this day I was going back the way I started so I took my time and enjoyed following the south shoreline and enjoying seeing the sites and wildlife. Here are two of the pictures I got of a beaver and loon from the bay beside the place I ended up camping that night.

This was my favorite on this trip, this site had lot of open space and was great of setting the hammock, I was grateful for this as I need of a nap. Before having a nap I read Explore magazine's Going Solo it was a great read for a solo trip.

I spent the rest of the day resting and enjoying my time camping spent some time hiking around the area. In the evening I got a chance to get some more great pictures before heading to bed and pulled out a vintage 55mm lens to get a sunset picture with the beaver swimming off in the distance.

these are some of the other pictures I got this night. This was also a great night for getting to hear the loons call in the evening.

Day 3

The next day was another relaxing day follow the sites and sounds of Route Lake, the afternoon brought it's chance with the threatening storm, which did come the in later part of the day, which did mean that I spent the evening hiding under the trap and reading the rest of the Explore magazine I had with me some of the stores were great and made the evening good by much easier. The night cooled off quickly and made me retreat to my tent earlier than I had planned.

Day 4

Starting my last morning it was a cool morning and even though I had a great time I was looking forward to getting to my family and our family visitors. the weather this had its much like it is today rainy and cool. I start the morning with a fire to warm up and start the day after eating I packed up camping and went canoeing to find I portage which I hope to use for another camping trip. The portage was in much better shape than the first portage to find in the first place. After all this was a great solo trip and I'm happy to be home and looking forward to go on my next solo trip. Already planning a bigger trip for next year...

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