Spending time with you subject

Spending more time with your subject is always a good thing but whether or not is a person its always a good idea to spend as much time as you can with your subject. When it comes to people once you have "the shot" a picture that you can be used to give to the client of or as part of your portfolio then have the freedom to start being more creative or try some new angles.

When its wildlife I find this it's a bit harder as you want to take as much time as you can but not stress or interfere with the animal as its trying to live its life. With these photos taking a little bit more time you can see behaviors that you don't expect or haven't seen before and if nothing else you get a change to better understand the animal which will help you to better predict its behaviors in the future.

These photos were taking at a kayaking paddle place in Florida, so the animals here were somewhat used to seeing people. However not sure how many photographers (look for a future post about this location). The Limpkin a bird I have never seen before and took about 1/2 hour to identify so I really hope its right was a very cool bird to watch and get some cool photos of it getting and eating snails, and then another individual cleaning it's feathers. the first few photos of both were just of the birds not really doing much but after a few minutes I got to see them more relaxed and doing there natural things.

Hope you enjoy the photos. One last thought can you spend to much time with you subject? well I guess but that hasn't happened yet...

Stay tuned for next week’s blog coming out on Wednesday, and don't for get to share with your friends and family, links are at the bottom.

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