Taking Care of your Photography Equipment

Taking care of your camera equipment this important no matter the gear that you have, you paid good money for it and you want to make sure that you keep it in good working order so that is last for a long time. If you care good care of your gear it may out last you. I have lens from my granddad that I still use now. If you don't take care of your gear you can have issues like this one 

Not 100% sure what happened to this lens but I believe it was kept in a wet/damp place for sometime. This caused fungus to grow in the lens, this is very hard to almost impossible to fix. This can also happen if some moisture gets into the lens. Once moisture get into the lens there isn't much that can been done about it so its important to make sure you can your lens nice and dry. Because we live in a cold climate I worry about getting the camera cold and then coming back into the warm house. I heard somewhere can't remember for sure where, but you can take a big freezer bag out with you. Get the pictures that you want. When you are out there getting the picture the camera and the bag will cool off. Then before going back into the house put the camera in the bag and the condensation will form on the outside of the bag and not in your camera or lens. 

Depending on the outside temperature depends on how long the camera should stay in the bag. Anything below -20c and it should be in the bag for at least 2 hours this gives the camera enough time to warm up. This maybe taking more precautions than is needed but as I said you paid good money for this stuff so you might as well take care of it. There are a lot of other things you want to do take care of your gear like keeping it clean and safe. You want to keep it away from things like sand, sand it a camera killer. If you get sand in your camera then its over, if you get really lucky it can be saved by taking it in to a camera shop. I was not so lucky with a point and shoot a couple of years ago, it was dropped in the sand and unfortunately that was then end of that camera. At least it wasn't a DSLR.... So keeping your stuff safe use lens caps. There are all kinds of lens caps mostly the ones that come with the lenses are good enough but if you have an older lens or if you loss one, you can get all kind of off band caps that work just as well if not better than the old ones anyways. 

Here are just some of the ones I use. I like the ones that have a center pinch points so that its easier to get on and off in any position and even if you have a lens hod on. Lens hods are another thing that can help protect your lenses. They can protect your lens when walking in the bush from passing branches and even around the house from bumping into things. Lens hods can also give you more contrast in your images by keeping the sun off of the lens. 

Another thing that sometime goes over looked is the camera straps these simple straps save the camera from a fall I always have a camera strap on my camera. I used to use the strap that came with my camera but changed this so that it was easier to have it around my neck and over one shoulder keeping it safe and ready to use. 

So the last part of taking care of your gear is making sure that its clean if your going to use it sooner or later your going to have to clean it. this means things like your tripod. Here is a picture of my tripod with something on it, no idea what it is or where it came from but it just needed to be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

And then there is the lenses, oh the lenses the most expensive and if you have lenses like mine they are dust magnets. You want to make sure you know how to clean your lenses, its also a good idea to not go to over broad with this. I would say get a good air rocket like this one. 

This should be used for most of the cleaning and should always be the first step. This will get most of the dust off but if it doesn't get all of it then its time to get the soft cloth out. Soft cloths are easy and cheap to get, but it important to get a good cleaning solution to clean the lenses. A lot of the time you can use just the cloth to lightly clean off the lens. 

A soft cloth will work but I have started to use these Zeiss wipes and they are great, they have to the solution on then already and do a great job for cleaning the lenses and glasses as well. So when I have to clean a camera lens I then use then same wipe on my glasses to get everything nice and clean.

Did I miss something? Is there something you would like to know more about? just leave a comment and I will get back to you. Hope this was helpful and if nothing else hope you liked the photos. 

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