Taking to many photos

Its come to the point where I'm taking to many photos to edit should I start shooting JPEG... well maybe I shouldn't go that far, but one thing I have started doing is exporting my photos just using the canon software. I'm only using the canon software for family photos it does make editing the photos faster mostly because there is less that you can do with the software. The final photos aren't as good but finished photos are better than RAW photos just sitting on a harddrive.

there are just to many photos

Here are what a few photos exported right out of the canon software

The software works good enough for these kind of photos but not good enough for client photos and even though this is faster than my normal process using affinity photo its still not that fast. I think I will still shoot RAW and use affinity photos for most of my photos because there is more room to fix a photo if I need to.

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