The Cover Photo

The story behind the cover photo. This one starts with my work outside of photography, I got the chance to go to Toronto for a work conference once everything was a sure thing my wife and I decided we would take a couple extra days and go back to our home town of Parry Sound. My wife and I live in Dryden which is about a 16 hour drive from Parry Sound so we don't get too many chance to go home and we jumped on this opportunity. we had a great time on this trip and love to see everyone but back to this photo, and why a choose it to be the cover photo.

This is my youngest brother he is a loving, carrying, fun and full or energy little guy. He is a great inspiration for us all always keeping a good outlook on live even when it gets hard. I was able to take a minute to get this photo of him, like all people when you put a camera in front of them you get a pose, well that not what I wanted. so to get the best photo I would talk to him with the camera up and when i got him to laugh I was ready and got this photo.

The Technical

This was taken with the Canon t6s and the Canon 50mm f1.8 lens

shutter speed 1/60

aperture f2.0

ISO 200


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