The one lens everyone photographer needs

If there is one lens that every photographer should have it's this one or at least one like it. The 24-70mm is a great range the widest end can be used for landscapes and even

100mm f2 1/160 exposure ISO 500

a beginner lens for astrophotography. At the longer end it can be used a portraits and detail photos. There are many different 24-70mm lens each camera maker has there own and then Sigma and Tamron have ones to. Canon has the f4 and f2.8 the f2.8 is much bigger and costs a lot more.

these stats and the images are from

This chart shows that there is an optical improvement with the f2.8 over the f4. I have been using my 24-70mm f4 for a little over a year now and there are some things I really like. I find that's image quality is great, its small and light weight, having the f4 can be a bit of a limitation but This limitation makes you be more creative and can helpful limitation not being able to use a wider aperture actually makes you get more photos in focus as you have a larger depth of field. For landscape I normally don't go all the to to the wide end but stay around 35mm. For me the 24mm is wider than I need. The other thing I really like about this lens that is that it has a macro mode, this is kind of an older feature but is really cool. This acts as a built in extension tube and let's you get really close to you subject (see the images below). This makes the lens even more versatile.

Here are a 3 images I have taken using this lens.

35mm f8 8 sec exposure ISO 100

70mm f4 0.8 sec exposure ISO 100

panoramic using 8 images - 24mm f4 30 sec exposure ISO 1600

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