Traveling with an infant

We were worried about travel with our little one for the first time. this was going to be the longest drive he had been on followed by the his first flight and then another drive. So we decided that we would break things up a little bit, we did our 4.5 hour drive in one day and then the flight and the rest of the drive the next. the drive didn't go as well as we would have like we only made it about 1.5 hours before having to make our first stop. At the first stop we changed and feed him. After feeding him we got back in the car and made it almost the rest of the way to Thunder Bay, about 20 mins outside of Thunder Bay he started to get upset this time we keep on drive to get to the hotel. It made for a long day which made us happy that we decided to split up the traveling.

AT the hotel we had a good time got him in the pool and had some fun with him, which was great after the drive.

The night in the hotel was a little short some of this was because we had an early flight and part because we had heard on the news that the day before was the busiest day of the year for travel, so we got to the airport early then planned and much early then we needed to.

Then we went through security this took a little longer then normal, I had Sam on me with his carrier and they had to check it out, but I didn't have to take it off. I also didn't have any issues with any of the camera equipment that I was bring in my check on, which was a lot, I had my camera 3 lenses, a flash, a full tripod and a little bendy tripod and all the charging and cleaning stuff for everything. On the flight

He slept through takeoff and landing, he did wake up in the middle part and needed changing, changing on a plane is hard but it was doable. I found that I had to keep one hand on him at all times. and there isn't much room at all wish I had got a photo but didn't think about it at the time. once we landed in Toronto things went well, my Dad picked us up and then we drove home the drive back went ok. Marianne was in the back with Sam which seemed to help, we used the trick on the way back to Dryden as well. having one person in the back with the baby can be really helpful and something that I would recommend.

This one does have that much to do with photography and all the photos were with my phone but still something I thought I would share.

I did get a change to get some landscape photos on our trip here is one of them.

The stream coming off the icy cold water of Georgian Bay, in Parry Sound Ont, on Boxing Day morning have a great new year everyone.

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