Trust Passing When it's ok

Well in short its not for the most part in Canada there are no laws or polices that allows people to trust pass. However places in the UK do have whats called the "freedom to roam"

The freedom to roam, or "everyman's right", is the general public's right to access certain public or privately owned land for recreation and exercise. The right is sometimes called the right of public access to the wilderness or the "right to roam".In Scotland, the Nordic countries of Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the Central European countries of Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland, the freedom to roam takes the form of general public rights which are sometimes codified in law. The access is ancient in parts of Northern Europe and has been regarded as sufficiently basic that it was not formalised in law until modern times. However, the right usually does not include any substantial economic exploitation, such as hunting or logging, or disruptive activities, such as making fires and driving offroad vehicles (wikipedia).

This is a great thing for photographer in the UK in Canada however we have to get permission whenever possible, some times this doesn't work out and you have to find away to get the photos anyways, this was one of those photos.

I has been trying to a sunrise photo for the last week and did get one get a couple that I was happy with but I was still looking for more. Then one night I was biking home watching the sun start to set the whole way home. I got home had a quick dinner with the family grab the camera and got out to get some photos. This photo is really 3 photos taken only minutes apart, this is done to get the light at it's best for each part of the photo.

These photos are in order of the time they were taken, the first photo was used for the foreground given the nice golden light to the grasses in the closest part of the photo. The second photo was use to get the light from the sun and to blend into the sky. the last photo was taken when the light in the sky was at its best. These 3 photos was then blend together uses mask layers, to make one photo that captures the best parts of the sunset.

So when is it ok to trust pass, well legally never but can you let something like this just pass by... I can't

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