What’s The Most Important Peace of Photography Equipment?

There are many important part of your camera equipment, the camera is one, the lens is another both of these help to make the image, well really the are required (even a phone as a lens). Filters also are also important, they can change the look and feel of a photo. Filters change how light comes into your lens and they can make the shutter stay open longer giving motion to a photo that otherwise it might not have. Filters are also important but not the most important.

Camera straps and tripods and thing that keep your camera safe and stable give you the ability to get picture that you wouldn't be able to get with out them way or wouldn't keep your camera as safe as it could be.

Then there is you the person with the camera which is more important than anything above the camera and everything else is just a tool, tools which you have to use, use to make photos. These tools in the right hand with the right ideas can do great things. But even you and your mind are not the most important thing, but I would stay that you as the photography are tied...

and the most important thing is...

Boots or whatever you use to get where you are going to take photos. Even with all the great ideas you still have to get there, you have to work to make your photos. Not all photos require that you hike for hours but they do all require work to get the most out of what is in front of you. So take your camera out and get out there, try some new angles, get out there and hike, setup your studio, and get some great photos.

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