What to do on a Winter's Night

Nights might be getting colder but as Canada's we can take a bit of cold. The good thing about the winter nights, is that there is very little humidity, this means that you can get very clear photos of the night sky. Both of these photos were taken in the back yard, It's nice to live of in the county but we still have some light pollution, which you can see more in the second photo.

This winter I'm hoping to get out a little further from town to get even better star photos.

A little bit more about each of these photo this will be the technical part

20 min exposure

f 4.0

ISO 200

focal length 24.0mm

I did some light painting on the trees to help them stand out a bit more. The 20 min exposure gives the motion which makes the star trails. I would have like to have gotten the north star in the photo which would work as the center point of the rotation, but as you can see I missed it. With this photo I did a dark frame subtraction, this takes as long as the photo its self so after 40 min I didn't want to re-shoot.

30 second exposure

f 4.0

ISO 6400

focal length 24.0mm

With this photo I did some light painting on the trees as well and the photos was taken from the as spot but that where the similarities of these two photos ends. This is taken with a much high ISO which lets me get about the same amount of light with a much sorter exposure. This let you see the stars as you would see them. With this photo I also brightened up the center strip a little (the milky way). I had to do a lot of work on the on the white balance to try to correct of the light pollution.

I Like the both of these photos is there a photo you like better? you can now add images in your comment right on this blog by signing up to be a member, I would love to see some of your star photos.

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