When You Don't Have a Model

There are a lot of photos that I want to work on and a lot of the time there is something that I need to do these photos, Like lighting or a model or a product or time. I don't always have a model so some times I just use a dog. I wanted to work on photos with heavy backlighting. I think when these type of photos are done well they can look great. For this shoot I used Max he is good at staying where you want him to and he also like to look around a lot which is great to give a bunch of different looks.

For photos with a lot of backlighting I like to use vintage lens, they don't have the same coatings as modern lens. Using a vintages lens will gives you more flares and a more unique looks. I gave these photos a lot of head room so show the snow that was falling.

When working on your photography don't let the little things get in the way. When you don't have a model, use a dog or teddy bear.

using a teddy bear as a model

Want to work on product photos can you use things you already have or something from second hand store (and then return later). If you work on the landscape photos you don't have to travel all over the world (though that would be great) there are great landscapes where you live, sometime you just have to work to find them.

Have a great week and don't let the little things get you down.

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