Wide Angle Lens or Panorama

Should you use a wide angle lens or should you do a panorama? The biggest difference is that with a panorama you can get so much detail maybe even to much detail. Taking many photos and stitching them can make your photos much larger this added detail comes at a cost though, costs in time and storage. With a wide angle lens you are using one photo so it will be the same as size as the rest of your photo. In this case size is the number of pixels depending on your camera somewhere around 6000 by 4000. If you already of a wide angle lens then the whole process is faster, just take one photo and then you just have to edit one photo. When you are doing a pano you have to take many photos and working with all of the those photos takes more time and more processes power, in my case I did this waterfall pano with 14 photos, each photo was a 6 second exposure and then processing time was crazy...

this is the un-cropped photo after the 14 photos were stitched together

The final photo is also much larger than a normal photo at 65mb, I had to do a lot of resizing and compression to make it usable online. To take these photos I had my camera sideways (portrait not landscape) then took 7 photos from right to left turning the camera a few degrees each time making sure to get about 50% overlap and then angled the camera up and took 7 more photos using the same process but this time from left to right. Each photo was taken at 35mm f10 ISO 50 exposure 6 seconds. To edit the photos I used an old version of Lightroom which I still had. I did my edits on one photo and then synced my edit to all the other photos. I had to do I few rounds of this to make sure all the photos looked good. Because of the snow I had to be careful not to clip the highlights, in fact to do this I under exposed the photos before making the panorama in affinity photo. Once affinity photo (a newer version of lightroom would work just as well) was done making the pano I used gradients and zone editing to bring the exposure backup in selected areas to get a good exposure overall.

Here is what one photo of the scene looked like at 35mm (not used in the pano)

35mm f10 ISO 50 exposure 8 sec

You can see how much more area you can capture by doing a pano or using a wide angle lens (though I don't have a wide angle lens so you will just have to image it lol), once you have the photo stitched together and processed you still have to get the crop you want. I used 16x7 a common pano printing size.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, new blog coming out in a few weeks as I will be getting ready for the Dryden home and sports expo April 26 and 27, don't forget to like and share it really makes a difference.


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