You Have to Be Ready For Anything

I was out getting some bird photos enjoying being out in the yard when out of no where a helicopter comes flying just over the trees, safe to safe I wasn't quite ready for that. I would have thought that they would be flying a little higher than that. I like being able to get out and get some more wildlife photos these were some of the first wildlife photos I was able to get after Sam was born. Jays are some really cool birds to get photos of they can both like getting close to you to see what your doing and at the same time being afraid of people and not wanting anything to do with you. They are also bigger birds which make them easier to find and follow.

This was the picture that I got of the helicopter if I had really been ready for anything I would have got a much better picture of the helicopter, as it was flying so low I could have got a nice close shot of it. Safe to say after to low pass flyby I had to wait and bit before I could get some more bird pictures. all of these photos were taken will my Tamron 70-300mm

New post coming next Thursday

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