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Canadian Lynx

Canadian Lynx

I took this Picture in the spring of 2017 in the Dryden area. I was out hiking with my dog and we found the lynx in a tree, it watched us the whole time but didn't seem to be too upset with me taking photos. The lynx is positioned in an opening in the tree. The lynx has a distinctive appearance, with its tufted ears, ruffed neck, and spotted fur. Its eyes are wide and alert, giving the impression of a powerful predator. The photo captures the intricate details of the lynx's fur and its natural habitat, the wild Canadian forest. The photo is well-lit, showcasing the vibrant colors of the lynx's fur and the greens of the jack pine trees. The overall atmosphere of the scene is serene and peaceful, and the grace of the Canadian Lynx.


This photo won the Peer Choice Award in Viewbug's 2017 Photography Awards


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