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Great Grey Owl on a Snowy Tree
  • Great Grey Owl on a Snowy Tree

    This photo of the Great Grey Owl was taken after a heavy frost (a hoar frost) which covered the trees giving the scene a very wintery feel. The owl is facing forward, with its head slightly turned to the side, giving a clear view of its distinctive facial disk and large, piercing yellow eyes. The snow on the tree and in the background provides a bright and clean backdrop for the bird, highlighting its size and beauty. The owl's feathers are well-defined and create a soft and natural texture. The photo captures the stillness and serenity of the bird in its wintery environment, creating a peaceful and visually stunning image.


    The owl was hunting and it was great to have a chance to take a picture like this. I feel that is picture is a great mix of a landscape and a wild photo. 

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